Where Is The Next National Leadership Conference?

Where is the next leadership conference? This answer of this question may be waited for lots of people especially you who are keen in such kind of leadership program. In this case, do not need to worry because you will have such kind of remarkable leadership conference this year that can build up or develop your skill in leadership. Issued by John Hall, in his website, Forbes, there will be 7 leadership conferences in 2017 that you do not want to miss. Here they are:

Where Is The Next National Leadership Conference?

1. The Human Gathering, held on April 6 to 8 in Los Angeles

This leadership conference is an invitation-only conference which will bring together 33 of the world’s most popular and influential business owners, accredited investors, and executives such as the founder of Twitch, Justin Kan; the founder of TALA, Shivani Siroya; The former American Idol Host, Randy Jackson; The founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu; and also the co-founder and CEO of Postmates, Bastian Lehmann.

Regarding to this, the THG customizes each visitor’s experience based on her or his pairs and needs together based on what she/ he is working on.

2. Leadercast, held on May 5 in Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to be real leader, this leadership program is worth attending. This leadership conference will help business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their industries next level of leadership. The speaker such as Tyler Perry and Daniel Pink are going to be here this year to inspire you and also provide tools required to build up your leadership.

3. Live  Lead, held on Oct 6 in Birmingham, Alabama

You may countdown in just eight months; the half-day of leadership event combining one of the greatest influential men in business leadership, John Maxwell will begin. This event is going to be hosted by Richard Mobley and bring together all the professionals around the world and inspire them to achieve their top leadership potential. The good news is more speakers will join John Maxwell in this event. So, you can continue to check it out for further information and updates.

4. he Strategic Growth Forum, held on Nov 15 to 19 in Palm Spring, California

This SGF is such an incredible event. There will be little concrete info about this event this year. However, if it is something like last-year event, it is going to be great experience. All CEOs and leaders are going to learn valuable insights from the network and industry game-changers with potential investors, partners and more. This event will e held in four days, concluding the EYE Entrepreneur of The Year National Awards gala.

5. World Business Forum, held in Nov 16 to 17 in New York City

This event will take two days and unite all people from around the world with business passion that locates in Europe, Americas and Asia. The great speakers such as the strategic planning head at Google’s think tank for brands and agencies, and also the pioneer of leadership Stephen Covey, Michael Phelps and others. They will get ready to develop your knowledge of industry as well as discuss some of today’s hot issues for leaders.

6. Forbes Summit Group

Knowing for showcasing leaders and industry trends, Forbes continues to host variety of conferences that joining some of the most world’s great leaders, experts, innovators and change makers. Attending this magnificent-caliber events with the top advisor of Summit in Las Vegas and then concludes in November with Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York, will give you opportunity to hear from several best and brightest industries.

7. Fortune Growth Summit

Where is the next leadership conference? We are sorry to not be able to answer the question since the date and location are not released yet. Fortune’s fast growing companies are going to join, including hundreds of great and influential CEOs as well as executives from any kind of field. They will share all the ideas and inspirations for scaling and growing the company effectively.

Finally, you need to keep paying attention for further information of this year or the next-year event, when and where is the next leadership conference?