National Student Leadership Conference Review: Should You Participate in It?

Some of you may have heard about National Student Leadership Conference. You may also hear that participating in this program is such a great way to impress the college. This post will let you know more about what exactly NSLC is, what potential benefits and drawbacks you will get, and how you could decide if you want to join one of its programs.

National Student Leadership Conference Review Should You Participate in It

What is NSLC?
National Student Leadership Conference or NSLC has been known as a program which hosts leadership conference focusing on career for selecting high school students in the summer. The NSLC itself is a highly selective program which only accepts the students with academic skill and exceptional leadership.

In during the program, the students will be placed in college dorms and have to attend NSLC-hosted lectures and activities in campus. The activity program includes classes and lectures, leadership workshop, guest speakers and off-campus field trips.

NSLC broadcasts their program as the way to help students in learning about the future career and gaining leadership skill while having experience to live in a college campus. The program offered is in 17 different fields like engineering, theater, and international diplomacy. The programs will last in between six days and three weeks, depends on the subject the students focus on.

How to Apply on NSLC?
If you are a high school student with ‘B’ average or higher is eligible to apply and join the program in NSLC. First step is being identified or nominated as a potential candidate for the program by the teacher, NSLC alum or counselor. Alternatively, you can be identified through particular talent development programs like The ACT EOS or College Board Student Search Service. However, if you are not nominated, you can still apply through the official website of NSLC: apply for admission on NSLC’s website as merit applicant. In this case, merit applicants should demonstrate their strong academics and leadership potential and should be supported by the teacher or counselor recommendation form.

The nominated students or the merit applicants should complete the enrollment application and then required to submit $500 deposit with the application that will be applied to the tuition.

They who are accepted students will receive an email of an Acceptance Packet which includes form you should fill out. After submitting the form, you can enroll in the program of NSLC.

What Benefit You Will Get in Participating in NSLC?
Learning about Specific Career: One of the good reasons of participating in this program is learning about the specific career. The good news is you can select a program in the field that you want to work in such as business, medicine or law. All the programs are designed to provide hand-on experience in the field. Ex: the students in the engineering program will build water purification system and wind turbines. They will also learn about the new technology used in engineering field.

Overall, there are some pros and cons about participating in NSLC program. To see more about the information, benefits and drawbacks and the reason whether you should join or not, you can visit the official website of National Student Leadership Conference.