Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy | Academic Review

Addressed in 1070 E, 104 St Brooklyn, NY 11236, Leadership prep CANARSIE Middle Academy was founded in August 2013 with student and teacher ratio 13:1. At core, they are dedicated to maintaining and creating top school that get ready the each of student to register and succeed in college.

The school culture balances between warmness with strictness and joy with difficulty, data-driven lesson with education of character and confidence with humility. They are committed to build a school community in which parents are thrilled to send their kids and students are proud to attend the school. This post will share about the Academic review of Leadership prep CANARSIE.

Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy | Academic Review

Focusing on Literacy
This school focuses on literacy. The literacy is the main kill on which all future learning set as the base.  Regarding to this reason, the academic program of Leadership Prep CANARSIE focuses on literacy within the middle school years. They specifically do it by:

  • Using the curricula that has been proven by research
  • Creating small reading groups with no more than 10 students and one teacher
  • Creating extensive professional development for all teachers on techniques that has been proven to be effective way to promote literacy skills among low-income students.
  • Conducting early and frequent assessment for identifying students in the need of extra assist, craft effective interventions and also measure the program efficacy and interventions.

Setting a High Bar both Academically and Behaviorally
In this school, high academic standards are set which are corresponds with a college prep high school future and college for all the students. All the teachers are care and warm in Leadership Prep CANARSIE Middle Academy and hold the students to high behavioral standards that consistent through the school.

They subscribe to the theory of school discipline “broken windows” that holds if schools sweat the small infraction outset, the larger and more serious behavior is never going to occur. The result of it is a respectful and also orderly environment where the students will focus on learning and the teachers will focus on teaching.

Extra Learning Time
To make sure that the students have academically achieved, the school relies on an extended school day from 7.15 AM to 4 PM and also an extended school year, 186 days. The school provides extensive instruction in main academic subject, enrichment opportunities, and either a focus on character education. The program also includes significant numbers of homework in every night. In this case, parents are engaged in the homework process. Homework Hotline is provided for families to call every night to make sure that the students complete the assignment and the daily homework.

Assisting the Students until They are Masters.
The school either provides small group with one-on-on tutoring after school for students that need more attention to reach the standard of mastery.

Data to Drive Instruction
The great teacher should know when they are effective and when they are not. In this school, they use regular assessments to decide which standards the students have mastered and which still need to be taught.

Overall, this school provide great academic standard for the students not only academically but also behaviorally. For further information about this school, you can visit the official website of Leadership Prep CANARSIE Middle Academy.