Excellent Preparations for Amazon Principles Phone Interview Question

Amazon principles interview question may be wanted by many people in the world. Since getting job is absolutely not easy moreover in big retailer company such as Amazon. The whole process of the recruitment is made more complicated with some series of tests and interviews by the company. It is needed to see whether the applicant suits for the job profile or not. In this case, people should be well-prepared within the interview.

However, some jobs like at Amazon also has telephonic interview for their screening process. What we are going to write here are some points regarding to telephonic interview and how to prepare it.

Amazon Principles Phone Interview Question

Preparation for Interview

The candidate that applied at Amazon will get a call for phone interview and followed by the completion of tests and also other requirement process. Before, Amazon may send an email regarding to the procedure and what to focus on while walking on phone interview. It is said that the phone interview tend to be face-to-face interview. But the first interview will be brief and friendly. It will include biographical question. However, the second interview can be more about technical or competency.

  • Body language is crucial even for phone interview. The attitude and confidence of yours can be represented your voice and answer.
  • Some people said that it is good idea to dress well while having telephonic interview such as when you have face-to-face interview. It will help you to build your confidence and also to answer the questions in the professional and also serious manner. One thing you should remember that you should be comfortable with the dress you wear for the interview.
  • It is suggested to keep the paper and pen handy in case you will need both of them for technical interview.

Questions May be asked at Amazon Telephonic Interview
  • The common question to be asked mostly is “Why Amazon?” or “Why are you keen to join a definite company?” You should prepare to give brief, straight and honest answer. It is better to give more specific answer rather than a general answer. You can see the rating of the company in Forbes or other magazines ta make sure you get the best answer.
  • Like in other interview, you should learn about your past work experience and some points to mention.
  • After that, you could go on to ask some questions to regards to Java or even other technical questions. You may be asked to specify if you know more about Java or the c# language.
  • Several common questions asked for interview are given here. You will have to know the way to explain the OOP 4 basics. You should also know how to define data abstraction and the important of it.
  • Some of basic common questions given in Amazon may be about the software development. You may also have to put in plain words of algorithm intricacy. Or we can say, you can assure to expect questions on coding and algorithm.
  • Polymorphism may be asked too. Or you may even be asked about the 10 best-selling products. You can answer this question based on the number of sales in each of these products.

Overall, we have shared some points for you before or when facing the interview and those are some tips and preparation of interview regarding to Amazon Principles Phone Interview Question.

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