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Dalam bermain sosial media, atau dunia maya, kadang kita menemukan berbagai kendala. Entah itu di Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Line, WhatsApp, dll. Salah satu kendala di Instagram misalnya, kadang, di Instagram tidak bisa mengetag teman ketika membuat Instagram Story. Atau jika di Facebook, kita sulit menemukan bagaimana cara memblokir orang.

Nah, kalau kita menemukan kendala-kendala ketika bermain sosial media, pasti ujung-ujungnya akan bertanya ke mbah google, alias browsing mencari tahu langkah-langkah bagaimana mengatasi persoalan tersebut. Kita akan membuka blog-blog yang memberikan solusi terhadap masalah kita. Jika tidak ketemu, kita akan berpindah ke blog yang lain, dst.

Dalam postingan blog kali ini, saya akan mengulas Blog-blog yang memberikan tutorial seperti yang anda cari. Intinya, blog-blog yang memberikan solusi terhadap permasalahan sosial media. Anda bisa menengok blog Contoh Cara Buat. Blog ini tidak hanya memberikan solusi, tapi juga memuat panduan-panduan cara membuat akun seperti Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, dll.

Blog tersebut beralamatkan di Di blog ini, semua solusi hampir semuanya tersedia. Katakanlah kalau anda kebingungan mendaftar akun gamescol, anda bisa mengunjungi blog ini dan mencari panduan lengkapnya. Atau tentang bagaimana cara mendapatakan koin Line tanpa membeli, dst.

Tulisan dan tata bahasa di Blog Contoh Cara Buat juga saya kira sangat mudah dipahami dan gampang dimengerti walau buat orang awam. Bahasanya yang ringan membuat blog ini laris dan kebanjiran visitor. Kira-kira, kalau saya analisa, blog ini mempunyai traffic paling tidak 8.000an sehari. Traffic yang lumayan gede kan?

Oke kawan, kali ini itu saja blog yang bisa saya review. Somoga blog ini makin berjaya dan sukses di dunia perbloggeran. Kalau blog anda ingin di review, silahkan tinggalkan komentar anda di blog ini. Terimakasih!

Where Is The Next National Leadership Conference?

Where is the next leadership conference? This answer of this question may be waited for lots of people especially you who are keen in such kind of leadership program. In this case, do not need to worry because you will have such kind of remarkable leadership conference this year that can build up or develop your skill in leadership. Issued by John Hall, in his website, Forbes, there will be 7 leadership conferences in 2017 that you do not want to miss. Here they are:

Where Is The Next National Leadership Conference?

1. The Human Gathering, held on April 6 to 8 in Los Angeles

This leadership conference is an invitation-only conference which will bring together 33 of the world’s most popular and influential business owners, accredited investors, and executives such as the founder of Twitch, Justin Kan; the founder of TALA, Shivani Siroya; The former American Idol Host, Randy Jackson; The founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu; and also the co-founder and CEO of Postmates, Bastian Lehmann.

Regarding to this, the THG customizes each visitor’s experience based on her or his pairs and needs together based on what she/ he is working on.

2. Leadercast, held on May 5 in Atlanta, Georgia

If you want to be real leader, this leadership program is worth attending. This leadership conference will help business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their industries next level of leadership. The speaker such as Tyler Perry and Daniel Pink are going to be here this year to inspire you and also provide tools required to build up your leadership.

3. Live  Lead, held on Oct 6 in Birmingham, Alabama

You may countdown in just eight months; the half-day of leadership event combining one of the greatest influential men in business leadership, John Maxwell will begin. This event is going to be hosted by Richard Mobley and bring together all the professionals around the world and inspire them to achieve their top leadership potential. The good news is more speakers will join John Maxwell in this event. So, you can continue to check it out for further information and updates.

4. he Strategic Growth Forum, held on Nov 15 to 19 in Palm Spring, California

This SGF is such an incredible event. There will be little concrete info about this event this year. However, if it is something like last-year event, it is going to be great experience. All CEOs and leaders are going to learn valuable insights from the network and industry game-changers with potential investors, partners and more. This event will e held in four days, concluding the EYE Entrepreneur of The Year National Awards gala.

5. World Business Forum, held in Nov 16 to 17 in New York City

This event will take two days and unite all people from around the world with business passion that locates in Europe, Americas and Asia. The great speakers such as the strategic planning head at Google’s think tank for brands and agencies, and also the pioneer of leadership Stephen Covey, Michael Phelps and others. They will get ready to develop your knowledge of industry as well as discuss some of today’s hot issues for leaders.

6. Forbes Summit Group

Knowing for showcasing leaders and industry trends, Forbes continues to host variety of conferences that joining some of the most world’s great leaders, experts, innovators and change makers. Attending this magnificent-caliber events with the top advisor of Summit in Las Vegas and then concludes in November with Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York, will give you opportunity to hear from several best and brightest industries.

7. Fortune Growth Summit

Where is the next leadership conference? We are sorry to not be able to answer the question since the date and location are not released yet. Fortune’s fast growing companies are going to join, including hundreds of great and influential CEOs as well as executives from any kind of field. They will share all the ideas and inspirations for scaling and growing the company effectively.

Finally, you need to keep paying attention for further information of this year or the next-year event, when and where is the next leadership conference?

National Honor Society Of Leadership And Success Review

National honor society of leadership and success is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. The students or members are selected by their college for the membership based on leadership potential or academic standing. Candidacy is known nationally recognized honorable distinction achievement. Currently, the society has 730,375 memberships nationwide with 546 chapters.

In addition to honorable difference, the society provides the members a step-by-step program to build the leadership skill throughout the participation on their campus or even online. By the end of the program, the members or students will accept the leadership certificate of theirs and also take their top student leaders at their campus or even across the country. The students can list their connection on whole statements of personal achievement, including their resume.

The membership provides access to benefits includes awards and scholarship, the recruitment of employer through an online job bank, exclusive campus event, textbooks, computer discounts, insurance, grad school prep courses and many more.

Where to find more information about the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success online? In this case, you can find the information of this institution program at Society video resource and leadership blog. Besides, you can find it on all major of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and also YouTube.

The society Program
The members or students will accept their nomination to be known as members of the society. To get induction, it is a must for the members or students to attend the orientation, leadership training days, 3 success networking team meetings and 3 speaker broadcasts.

The first event for a new member or student on campus is orientation. In this step, the students will learn the steps of the program of leadership development and the event schedule for the semester.

Leadership Training Day
The students or members will attend an interactive video training session in which they would identify the goals and also overcome obstacles. This introspective and interactive seminar will aid the students or members to identify their real passion and strength besides creating action steps to get the goals.
Speaker Broadcasts

The life streamed with all leaders, best-selling authors, and celebrities are held in 6 times per year. The topics such as leadership, facing challenges, identifying goals, personal growth and also transitioning from college to career are discussed in this step.

Success Network Teams
In this step, students are assigned in small groups and meet bi-weekly to achieve goals for success in the future. Members or students will hold each other accountable by using a highly specialized formula that has been proven to produce the results. Right after each meeting, the members or students will submit a reflective journal entry online, giving advisors the opportunity to mentor and coach in format that engages the students or members actively.

The finals step of all is towards induction. In this step, most campus usually holds a formal induction ceremony that is able to share with friends and families. In this ceremony, the members or students are presented with their Leadership Training Certificate, honoring their goals and memberships of lifetime in the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success.

Kotter Suggests That Leadership and Management: 8 Step Change Model of Kotter

Kotter Suggests That Leadership and Management: 8 Step Change Model of Kotter
Kotter suggests that leadership and management has become the model in management for such a long time. The founder of Kotter International (Management consulting firm based in Boston and Seattle), Dr. John Paul Kotter, is the professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School. The business consultancy firm he led for applies Kotter’s research on strategy execution, leadership, transformation and also any form of large scale of change.

Since we now live in a world where business as usual is changed, innovations, new initiatives, technology improvements, project-based work, and staying ahead of competition come together to drive ongoing changes into the way we work. The change needs to happen but we do not know how to go about delivering it, where to start, who you involve, and how you see through the end. Here we share Kotter’s 8 change-models that may help you.

Kotter Suggests That Leadership and Management: 8 Step Change Model of Kotter

1. Creating urgency
Change will happen if the whole company wants it. It is not simple to show people the statistic of poor sales or even increasing competition. You need to open an honest dialogue about what is update in the marketplace. Here what you can do are:

- Examining chance that should be or could be exploited
- Identifying potential threats and show what may happen in the future.
- Starting an honest discussion and convincing reasons to make people talk and think
- Requesting support from customers and outside stakeholders to strengthen your opinion.

2. Forming a Coalition
Making people believe that change is necessary sometimes takes strong support and leadership from important people within the organization. Since managing the change is not enough, you must lead it. Here what you can do:

- Identifying the real leaders in the organization
- Working on team building with your change coalition
- Asking for an emotional commitment from those important people
- Checking the team weak area and make sure you have good combination of team from different levels and department in the company.

3. Creating a Vision for Change
If you think about the change, perhaps, there will be several great solutions and ideas floating around. Connect the concepts to an overall vision which can be grasped and remembered easily. What you can do are:

- Developing a short summary that represent what you see in the future
- Determining the values which are central to be changed
- Creating a strategy to do the vision
- Making sure that the change coalition of yours could describe the vision in about five minutes even less.
- Practicing the vision regularly.

4. Communicating the Vision
Practicing your vision after creating it will determine the success. Since what you do is more important than what you say, demonstrate the action that you want from other people. Here what you can do:

- Regularly talking about the change vision
- Addressing people’s anxieties and concerns honestly
- Applying the vision to all aspects, from training to performance review.

5. Removing Obstacles
In Kotter suggests that leadership and management, if you would like to take the steps and reach the point in the change process, you must talk about the vision and build buy-in from all organization level. Put in place the structure for change and also continually check for barriers to it.

6. Creating Short-Term Wins
No more motivates than success. Giving the company a taste of victory early within the change process within a short time frame is such a great idea. Creating short-term target not just long-term target is necessary to make the team work harder to come up with these targets.

7. Building on the Change
In Kotter argument, several “change project” have failed as the victory is declared too early. Quick winning is only the starting of what we require to be executed to reach long-term change. When you launch a new product by using new system, it is great. But when you can launch 10 products all at once, it means the new system is working. However, to reaching the 10 success, you need to keep finding the improvements.

8. Anchoring the Changes in Corporate Culture

At last, for creating any change stick, you have to be the part of your core organization. Making continuous efforts to make sure that the change is shown and seen in each aspect of organization. It is also essential for the leader of the company continues to support the change which includes the existing staff and the new leaders.

With these steps, you can feel the change in your organization such as what Kotter suggests that leadership and management.

International Leadership of Texas Review: How Do You Enroll IL Texas?

International Leadership of Texas Review is needed like any other review about certain school, university or any other institution. The review will tell you some information about the institution whether they are bad or god or even the way to enroll. Below, we are going to post about the way to enroll in IL Texas and what you need to submit.

The new application of IL Texas for 2017- 2018 is going to open on January 5th to March 30th. If you want to make sure that your kids are entered into the electronic lottery, you can complete the IL Texas application by March 30th 2017 at 11:59 PM deadline. The electronic lottery is going to take place on 6th of April 2017. Remember, the incomplete application is not going to be accepted.

International Leadership of Texas Review: How Do You Enroll IL Texas?

After it is conducted, you will be informed of admittance or non- admittance. If your kid is admitted, then you will need to prepare some documents as follow to complete the enrollment of IL Texas. The documents are:

- Certificate of birth
- Social security card
- Parents’/ Guardian’ driving license
- Proof or residence incl. insurance card, bill, and lease
- Short records
- Transcript or report card
- Immunization Form that proved by the school
- State Assessment Result such as TELPAS, STAAR, TASKS etc.

School Admission
All parents should complete an online application form and then submit it to school before the deadline so, your kid will be qualified to be selected in the Lottery. Later, there will be times posted for applications to be accepted and deadlines to be met so it can be qualified to participate in the Lottery. The school will decide the amount of spaces which are available in all grades in school. The rules for withdrawing students from IL Texas, you can see the guideline later in the handbook on withdrawal and re-admission section or you can find it in International Leadership of Texas review.

Right after the lottery drawn, the parents or guardians of students that have been selected are going to informed by email. Every parent will be informed to complete the enrollment paperwork and to register their kid in school.

Waiting List
For the next school year, the names of the students that are not drawn during the lottery process are going be put in the waiting list for applicable grade. Since places are available, the student will be informed for Pre-admission Conference.

Currently Enrolled Students
If the students have been admitted to the school, they do not need to join in the admission or lottery process. Instead, they are going to be asked to indicate their intent to come back to school by finishing the re-enrollment process that usually happens in the early spring. The students who withdraw for some reasons during the school year are only eligible for re-admission by the lottery. You can see the student’s code of conduct if they withdraw before to a pending action of disciplinary.

Finally, after sightseeing the review above, you are able to know when you want to register your kids in IL Texas. For further information, you might visit their official website or browse more about International Leadership of Texas review.

Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy | Academic Review

Addressed in 1070 E, 104 St Brooklyn, NY 11236, Leadership prep CANARSIE Middle Academy was founded in August 2013 with student and teacher ratio 13:1. At core, they are dedicated to maintaining and creating top school that get ready the each of student to register and succeed in college.

The school culture balances between warmness with strictness and joy with difficulty, data-driven lesson with education of character and confidence with humility. They are committed to build a school community in which parents are thrilled to send their kids and students are proud to attend the school. This post will share about the Academic review of Leadership prep CANARSIE.

Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy | Academic Review

Focusing on Literacy
This school focuses on literacy. The literacy is the main kill on which all future learning set as the base.  Regarding to this reason, the academic program of Leadership Prep CANARSIE focuses on literacy within the middle school years. They specifically do it by:

  • Using the curricula that has been proven by research
  • Creating small reading groups with no more than 10 students and one teacher
  • Creating extensive professional development for all teachers on techniques that has been proven to be effective way to promote literacy skills among low-income students.
  • Conducting early and frequent assessment for identifying students in the need of extra assist, craft effective interventions and also measure the program efficacy and interventions.

Setting a High Bar both Academically and Behaviorally
In this school, high academic standards are set which are corresponds with a college prep high school future and college for all the students. All the teachers are care and warm in Leadership Prep CANARSIE Middle Academy and hold the students to high behavioral standards that consistent through the school.

They subscribe to the theory of school discipline “broken windows” that holds if schools sweat the small infraction outset, the larger and more serious behavior is never going to occur. The result of it is a respectful and also orderly environment where the students will focus on learning and the teachers will focus on teaching.

Extra Learning Time
To make sure that the students have academically achieved, the school relies on an extended school day from 7.15 AM to 4 PM and also an extended school year, 186 days. The school provides extensive instruction in main academic subject, enrichment opportunities, and either a focus on character education. The program also includes significant numbers of homework in every night. In this case, parents are engaged in the homework process. Homework Hotline is provided for families to call every night to make sure that the students complete the assignment and the daily homework.

Assisting the Students until They are Masters.
The school either provides small group with one-on-on tutoring after school for students that need more attention to reach the standard of mastery.

Data to Drive Instruction
The great teacher should know when they are effective and when they are not. In this school, they use regular assessments to decide which standards the students have mastered and which still need to be taught.

Overall, this school provide great academic standard for the students not only academically but also behaviorally. For further information about this school, you can visit the official website of Leadership Prep CANARSIE Middle Academy.

Free Summer Leadership Programs For High School Students

Summer Leadership Program for High School Students is such a best way to educate and make the students learn about socializing and leadership program. Todays, some increasing selective colleges are starting to observe how students spend their summer times during high school. Regarding to this, some parents have spent thousands of dollars for summer programs that may give an enriching experience for their children.

Nowadays, most of competitive colleges offer an invitation for high school students to explore campus and visit the faculty at least one pre-college. These most summer leadership programs for high school students are no more than cash and cows and available for any high school students who are able to pay the bill. The participation in these programs is going to be viewed by your prospective colleges as the evidence of wealth rather than any special ability.

Nevertheless, there is growing minority of selective summer leadership programs that classify and select the high school student strictly in the achievement based on their merit. Generally, these number of these programs are offered for free or low costs and will prove and impressive addition to college application. Below are some best summer leadership programs for high school students.

Best Summer Leadership Program for High School Students

1. University of Notre Dame - Leadership Seminars
This program explores the topics that affect the global community. The courses focus around variety discussion and exchange ideas to make the student encourage to hone their leadership capacity and examine their conclusions.

2. Indiana University- Young Women’s Institute
This institute introduces young women to the experience of the college and business career opportunities. The students will be selected from around the country to spend 4 days in Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

3. Jackson Laboratory – Summer Student Program
This summer student program is designed for they who want to dive themselves in such a genomics and genetics research. It is emphasizing in communication of knowledge, laboratory discovery, and professional growth.

4. National Institutes of Health Summer Internship in Biomedical Research
The program in this institute provides the students an opportunity to spend their summer times by working at the NIH side-by –side with some of popular scientists in the world in the environment dedicated exclusively to the biomedical research.

Thing to be noted is that the participation in one of the Best Summer Programs is not important to earn admission for a selective college for example; you spend your summer at a local internship or job or even completing a for-credit college course, could improve just like impressive. Here, the students just searching for something exciting in summer experience outside their area. While improving their college knowledge in the process, they advised to explore the above.

Finally, these programs seem to be an exciting as well as challenging. It is great for the high school students to know more about the campus that they might go to after graduating. You can visit the official website of college to see further information about the colleges that provide summer leadership program for high school students.